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    Children in nice resturants

    Good evening all.

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about briniging small children to the nice resturants. Is this acceptable, or is it frowned upon?

    My family and I have a time share at the Marriott, and this will be our 15th trip to the island. This year, we have a new addition to our household and our little guy will be 8 months old when we visit in March.

    Our normal rotation of resturants are:

    Challet Suisse
    El Gaucho
    Sole Mare
    Madame Jeannettes
    French Steakhouse

    and places like that. Is it acceptable to bring my well behaved child to these nice places? Do they have high chairs, etc? Obviously, being that we enjoy fine dining, if my child acts up at all, I'd be removing him immediately before he even starts to ramp up.

    Honestly I can't remember ever seeing small children in these places (with exception of Sole Mare). Any insite would be great.

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    go 4 it

    i have seen kidlets in high chairs at all of those places

    enjoy and congrats on your baby............the new "aruba traveler"


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    one of the beauties of Aruba, it is one child-friendly island!!!
    As a mother of teens (we used to take our young kids to some of those places too), it is nice to hear that you do appreciate that if a child acts up, out we go!! We would take with lots of things to entertain when the kids were waiting for food, etc. and it helped pass the time. Most of those restaurants will prepare a special child's meal for you even if it not on the menu.

    Go and enjoy!
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    Great to hear. I absolutely am super concious of my child acting up, and luckilly he is an amazing baby. We're going to try and plan dinners a little earlier then normal, and try to plan his meals around our dinner plan, so he's nice and occupied during our nice dinners.

    It definately will be an interesting experience this year.

    Also, we usually go to Kong Hing at the beginning of our trip to stock up our room...I'm assuming they carry baby food as in both formula and pureed solid foods?

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