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    City Lounge (CILO) review - great value for money - but

    Went there last night. Located in the Rennaissance Mall, right opposite the Government offices. Easy parking.

    Great job! Looks wonderful. Lots of attention to detail. Like the folding glass doors as the outside walls. Unfortunately, they let bugs in.

    Wait Staff
    Mostly inexperienced, but they more than compensated for that by their warm welcome, enthusiasm, and extreme helfulness. Hopefully our tip reflected that. CILO - please give them a little more training & support.

    Staff need to be more observant. 3 sand flies in my house merlot. Didn't bother to send it back, but will next time. Sangria was great - perfectly balanced by the fresh fruit.

    Main courses (salmon & stir fry chicken) were great! Wonderful value for money. Congratulations to the chef & kitchen staff.
    Then the "kicker" - suggest they don't even mention the salad served with the meal - pathetic apology! Vegetables were OK, but not stellar.
    Shared a Triamasu for dessert - great!

    Big issue
    Restaurant seems poorly ventilated. Could smell smoke from one guy lighting a cigarette at the bar. OK - I quit 3 weeks ago & am just getting a sense of smell. What was the larger issue was that the wait staff were allowed to smoke behind the bar - added to the smell. Suggest that CILO only allows them to smoke outside.

    Value for Money

    Save the best until last. OUTSTANDING FOR ORANJESTAD!!!!!!! Congrats CILO - well worth the visit. Just over $50 for the two of us including 2 glasses of wine & the tip.

    We'll be back!

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    Thanks so much for the CILO recap. We'll be there in Nov and are looking forward to visiting it. We'll probably do a breakfast or 2 there.

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    Thanks for your honest opinion in the review.

    Cilo provides good value....great breakfasts, and a nice cafe setting. Good stop for those of us who stay at Renaissance and cruise ship passengers. If you're at a high or low rise, I wouldn't make it a destination stop.....but I would consider it if I were spending the day downtown.
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    I enjoy that place, seems to always have a good crowd when I drive by at night.

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    We went to CILO a few times during our stay.
    Coffee was great and food was nice probably one of the best bang for your money on the island.
    The place looks great at night with the new lights on that refresh marketplace alley.

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    great shot

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