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    COMMENTS re: Madam Janette and Papiamento

    I called in to my physician for a refill on a prescription.
    He said to me that he just got back from Aruba.
    (ahhhhh we got another one!)
    He stayed at the Marriott Surf Club and liked it.
    Commented that the beach and pools were crowded.
    Comments he said re: MJs
    "never been to a restaurant that was so enjoyable"
    "wait staff personable and friendly"
    "the food was wonderful (he had lamb)"

    re Papiamento
    He had grouper
    Delicious and awesome atmosphere.

    This person is very well traveled.
    Europe, Hawaii and lots of other places.
    He reiterated that he had never before been to a place as wonderful as Madam Janette

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    Thumbs up

    I keep thinking I'm rubbing it in...but we ate there tonight. It was wonderful. White asparagus au gratin appetizer. We both had versions of filet mignon. Best meal so far this trip.
    The heck with a countdown calendar, we're in Aruba until May 27!!!!!

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    I was there with my girlfriend and her parents 2 weeks ago... It was really really really good!
    Hands down the best meal and restaurant in Aruba. The portions are great, great presentation, great staff, nice live music, cosy atmosphere, nothing to complain about!

    Normally when we go to restaurants we check out improvement points... for Madame Jeanette's we could not find anything. Maybe they could clean up the fallen leaves in the garden? That's the best we could do!!!! Imagine that. It is my favorite restaurant in Aruba, and I have eaten at lots of restaurants. A must go while in Aruba!

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    I am so happy to be going to MJ's, requested reservation and received confirmation. I also had a friend went there and just loved it.

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