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    You can't miss Salt and Pepper's for a great burger or
    tapas (not the spanish type so much) for a affordable
    price. They are across the street from the Hard Rock

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    Thumbs up Our Food Faves

    Casa Tua for pizza is our tradition the first night we arrive on the island

    Wacky Wahoo has become a favorite for fish - very tasty and reasonably priced

    Zeerover in Savaneta has become a new fave place for an afternoon fish fry and a beer while we wait for the morning catch to come in - we always buy our fresh fish there

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    yeah, Zeerovers is a great place for catch of the day, is it still $8 a kilo? Water side game of pool & a cold one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmattalo View Post
    Wacky Wahoo has become a favorite for fish - very tasty and reasonably priced
    My wife loves the alfredo there too. It's the only restaurant that we've been to that we can agree on.

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    Thanks everyone for these posts!! I've added a few to my list as well! We leave this coming Friday for our first Aruba trip and this forum has been a HUGE help and a GREAT planning tool!

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    Oh boy hope you love it as much as we all do....(I think you will)..can't wait for your trip report.



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    West Deck in the afternoon

    Update 11/30

    Got home late last night after a relaxing week in Aruba. So here's my report, and keep in mind I can be a bit of a foodie snob! At the Divi AI, the breakfast buffet was perfection. You would be hard pressed to find a better selection. I especially appreciated the eggs benedict. Lunch and dinner buffets were adequate, you could always find something that you like, even though you might not rave! Not to crazy about Red Parrot or Papparizi. The turkey at Red Parrot was extremely salty, sides were boring and at Papparizi the lasagna was prepared with cottage cheese -- yuk!!

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    Getting off the culinary high horse briefly, if you have never tried them, plan to go to Lindas and try the dutch version of pancakes, pannekoeken.

    These are a great breakfast or lunch, but also work as an inexpensive dinner. They are a big, heaping plate sized crepe of sorts, in which savory and sweet things mix freely, such as bacon, cheese and apples. The syrup is totally unlike American maple or pancake syrup as well.

    In the evening, they also have an outside patio.

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