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Thread: Dining Reviews 04/03 thru 04/09

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    Lightbulb Dining Reviews 04/03 thru 04/09

    Hello All: Just got back from the rock. We had a lovely time, and of course some lovely dining experiences.

    Barefoot: Excellent..thank you to all who recommended this place. The waitstaff was absolutely wonderful. They knew that we had just closed on our new Aruba home, and insisted on treating us to drink. (We don't drink, but the thought was nice anyway.) Food was excellent, and prices were reasonable. Atmosphere was great as well.

    Amadeus: Can't wait to go back. Lovely romantic atmosphere. I had the chicken schnizel w/mushroom gravy, and hubby had beef filet tips. Both were great. Didn't care too much for the profiteroles, but they're not my favorite desert to begin with.

    Windows: Experience was nice, but I don't think I'd rush back. Smoked scallop appetizer and romaine sald were delicious. Snapper entree was OK. Very disappointed in the dessert sampler. There were about 10 different samples, all of which were very BLAH! Kind of tasted like the kind you would find on an all-you-can-eat buffet. Except for the cherry cheesecake. Dinner was expensive for the quality IMOP.

    Cooks: Now I know many of you have great things to say about Cooks; but I was very disappointed on my first visit. Here's why. I like my iced tea. I get great tea all over the island. Cooks makes it from the mix. Undrinkable; and they didn't have any lime or lemon to make it better. Very strange that they didn't have lemon or lime in a restaurant serving drinks and fish, but that's what we were told. The $12 goat cheese salad was very good, so I forgot about my bad iced tea. But two bites, and it was gone. Should have cost more like $7. The Chilean sea bass was very fishy. It was as if it was still frozen in the middle. I know it's not a local fish, but I buy it in NJ and if done properly it can taste like the fresh catch of the day. Hubby's snapper was overly pan-fried...very dry and crusty around the edges. Accompaniments were okay..veges and potatoes. No dessert here. We were the only two in the restaurant at 7:30pm. Now, I know we talked about this before, but when there is not enough business to turn over the food, it's just not going to be good. Service was good and attentive. No, we didn't complain to the staff. We were their only 2 customers! And we're going to complain to them?
    I felt bad enough for them. Now, it would only be fair to mention that they just recently re-opened after some renovations. They are calling this their "soft" menu.....I'm not sure if that means that the food will get better after their grand opening?!?!?!? Anyway, I will probably give it another try after awhile.

    Anna Maria's: Very much enjoyed our first visit. Be sure to find this restaurant in the daylight to avoid pre-dinner frustration. The food was spectacular...fresh, authentic, and tasty. We had the eggplant/salad appetizer. Very unique, and delicious. The wait in between courses is very long, so don't go for a hurried meal, and leave the kids at home. The waitstaff and owners are most hospitable. The atmosphere is awesome. Very quaint, comfortable and relaxing dining. Can't wait to go back. My only suggestion would be to make fresh-brewed iced tea. Yes, again w/the iced tea....

    The Kitchen: For the best take-away that we've found on the island has to be The Kitchen. We had our lunch wrapped up for the beach. Grilled chicken sandwiches on delicious bread...for about $6.50! I raved about this place before, and I'll rave again. Love it! I know it's only a grilled chicken sandwich, but it was terrific! And great fresh-brewed guessed it...iced tea!

    Please fellow-bloggers, keep the restaurant reviews coming. Love to hear about your experiences.

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    thanks jersey!!
    appreciate hearing the good and the not so good.

    we too love the KITCHEN and really love their sandwiches.

    gonna make some SUN tea tomorrow.

    10 teabags
    1 lemon sliced
    1 gallon H2O clear jug

    sit it in the sun for a few hrs.

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    Jerseygirl, glad you like Barefoot and Anna-Maria's!! Two new additions to Aruba this year and they seem not to disappoint.

    Too bad about Windows as that is usually a very good one too.

    Next trip try Yemanja Woodfired Grill. Excellent food and very reasonable prices.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    I loved Yemanja when we was very good... I also like MJ and Chalet suisse we tried Pappilion this trip it was very good also...nice atmospher too...



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    the kitchen

    I too have gotten food from the kitchen. It is always fresh and plentiful.The pasta was outstanding as well as the fish entrees. you call up ,order and tell them what time you will pick the food up. They also sell wine by the bottle.

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