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    Dinner Reservation Question!

    After reading so many good things on Old Man and the Sea, we emailed today for dinner reservations. In their confirmation, they said they required credit card information to confirm.

    We just haven't experienced this before, and I didn't feel real comfortable with emailing off our credit card number!

    Since this is our first trip, is this what we should expect as typical? Thanks from the Newbies!

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    >>>> " is this what we should expect as typical?"
    ---- Have heard that some restaurants are doing that now. But unless your are going during PRIME TIME have always made restaurant reservations down in Aruba and could always get a time without a credit card # given. Yes some of the "very" popular ones please call a day or 2 ahead.
    Give name of restaurants and date going to Aruba and someone may Post their experiences.
    >>>> " I didn't feel real comfortable with emailing off our credit card number!"
    ----- Ditto!
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    Please see the link below as to how the same situation was handled by Old Man & The Sea and Passions (read Betty's post in the thread):

    Most restaurants will ask for a CC during high season and definitely during the holidays for the reasons mentioned in the link.
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    Totally understandble requiring a credit card. Staying at an all inclusive we see half empty restaurants every night at a sold out resort. People make reservations and then just do NOT show up.

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    Amy, thanks for that post on CC handling. Good advise.

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    the other thing you can do is contact the concierge desk at the hotel you're staying at and instruct them to make the reservations for you. that way there's no need to share personal information with restaurant as the hotel has it all anyhow.

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