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    dinner reservations???

    How far in advance does one need to make dinner reservations? It seems like several of you make reservations weeks in advance, so I was wondering if I need to get on the ball for our trip May 29 - June 6. There are 7 of us - hubby and me, 5 kids. Surely we'd be able to just go eat somewhere without a reservation if we weren't too choosy on which restaurant, or with a reservation a couple of days in advance. We are staying at Marriott Surf Club, so if anyone has suggestions for fairly inexpensive, good food around there, I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum

    There are many places where you can go to dinner without reservations. Even more so if you are going early.

    The most popular restaurants as well as those with limited seating require advance reservations. Some which come to mind off the top of my head-

    Madame Janette
    Flying Fishbone
    Old Man & the Sea
    Carte Blanche (adults only)

    Also see

    Inexpensive Restaurants
    Palm Beach Restaurants

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    There are many good restaurants for families close to where you are staying. A few that come to mind are Smokey Joe's, Salt and Pepper, and Fridays. We were able to walk into all of these without reservations during one of the busiest weeks of the year. If you get there around 6ish you shouldn't have any problem. We make reservations for the places we really want to go, and just wing it on the other nights.

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    We stay next door at the Marriott Ocean Club and have the concierge make our reservation, normally the day before, but it is hardly required unless your are going to Carte Blanche or want sunset at Passions, Flying Fishbone or Old Man & The Sea.

    Smokey Joes, Cafe Rembrandt and similar family places have only short waits even at the busiest times.
    Aruba where the toughest question each day is "where to dine tonight".

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    Great! Thank you all very much. I really appreciate all the good posts and advice in this forum!

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