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Thread: Don Carlos

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    Don Carlos

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping I could get some helpful feedback! We are in the process of planning our rehearsal/welcome dinner for our October wedding at the Marriott. Would you recommend hosting it at Don Carlos? My mother & I enjoyed our meal there last summer. We're looking for someplace somewhat casual & reasonably priced. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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    I personally think Don Carlo's is over priced. One idea I have is Matthew's Beachside Restaurant at Casa del Mar. I'm sure they will work with you on a nice reasonably priced menu.

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    YA liz.........don carlos is HIGH and imo the food is mediocre at best.

    matthews is a great choice


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    One more for Mathews!

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    Never been to Mathews and normally I would probably give Don Carlos a vote but this past year will be the second time the food was under/over cooked and I have to agree with the other comments. The food is over priced and the food is not that good. The only reason we went there every year because it was a short walk from our Hotel and we did enjoy sitting close to the water by the boats. Also there is annoying waiter there that just stands by your table watching you eat, I almost fired him off the dock into the water in April until my wife reminded me I was on vacation(without the kids) and to relax. They got my shrimp scampi, a very simple dish, correct on the third go around last time. Then as we were leaving knowing I was annoyed he's handing us bisiness cards promoting his wifes new apparel store.

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