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    Thumbs up Drive In Theatre

    Don't know if this counts as culinary or culture but last night we went to the drive in movie (Madagascar 2) it was great, not the movie which was okay but the drive in. It was 10.50AFL for the whole car and 4.50AFL for a large popcorn. If you are on a low sodium diet skip the popcorn. We sat with the car windows open and the breeze flowing. It was busy with mostly local families. If you want a cheap night with no one talking on there cell phone behind you I would highly recommend the drive in.

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    How cool..........We drive past there all the time and have talked about going, but obviously never have.....will add that to the "things to do list" for this years visit.
    Thanks for the info!!!!!

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    The Drive In is great! We have only been a few times, once we were the only ones there.

    Front row seating!!!!

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    It sounds like a fun thing to do while there. We run out of things at nite to do, so maybe with that rental we'll hit the drive in...thanks for the tip.

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