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Thread: earlier or later?

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    earlier or later?

    When in Aruba, what time do you eat dinner? why?

    Typically when we are dining "in", we tend to eat about 7.

    If we are going out, we tend to go at about 6:30.
    If we are going out and it is outside dining it is usually after 7....we wait for the sun to be down.

    After dinner we typically head to a casino or to one of the resorts to just stroll and sight see.

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    If we're going to a "sunset on the beach" restaurant, we make reservations for 6:00-6-30PM so we can enjoy the sunset especially of we're there with a first-timer. Otherwise, we go later - 7:00-8:00PM.

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    We generally like the 6:00 range. Restaurants tend to not be as busy around this time so no need for a reservation. Dining is more relaxed during quieter times and I don't feel like we are tying up a table if we like to linger for a bit. Usually I don't have room for dessert so we might stop somewhere for dessert a little later. Gelatissimo was perfect for this when we stayed in the high rise area. At the Divi we would just go to the buffet for something sweet. Then it's off to the casino or back to the room to sit out on the balcony.
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    we usually eat about 6:30 or 7. By that time I'm starving because we do have breakfast but rarely have lunch. Either we're on the beach or I'm shopping. I usually do not bring lunch to the beach. However, I do fill the thermos with either Margaritas or Pina Coladas and take them to the beach.

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    We typically eat early in the 5-6 range. We are creatures of habit and this is our typical dinner time at home because of my husband's extremely early work schedule. We can get away without reservations and most places have early bird menus. We have had the courtyard to ourselves at both Quinta del Carmen and Papiamento because we were there early in the evening. After dinner we usually return to the beach, a bar on a pier, or even the pool while most other people are at dinner.

    For a sunset spot we woukd go later to get the best view. I am also planning later dinners when we stay at the Renaissance so we can maximize our island time. We don't eat dinner every night though. Some days we just have appetizers later in the evening.

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    We eat later when on vacation - usually around 8:30-9pm. We like to make the most of our daytime hours. Sometimes we'll go to happy hour at the beach bar to watch the sunset and socialize or we'll watch the sunset from our balcony with cheese and wine and maybe a shrimp cocktail. Then we take our time getting ready for a night out. Don't need reservations since it's late although we do usually call a few hours ahead just as a courtesy to the restaurant. After dinner, we go out with friends to have a nightcap and "catch up" with everyone since the last time we were there.

    If we're going to a beach/sunset restaurant though, we'll make reservations for 6/6:30 to watch the sunset.
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    We enjoy our early mornings on the beach(5-6am) so we don't stay up too late at night. Dinner is usually around 7pm so that by the time we eat, have after dinner drinks or hit the casino, we are back to our room by 10ish.
    Sunset dinners are usually at 6 or 6:30.

    As we get older, our nights get shorter. LOL

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    About the same as everyone else.....if eating in we usually eat around 7ish, that gives us time to clean-up and walk to the casino or jump in the vehicle up to the high rises to walk around and window shop. If eating out we try to pick place where we can watch the sunset, eat and have a drink or two...then to casino or home depending on how late it is....funny how we used to be just getting ready to go out, now that we're (and I only speak for Dh and myself) old ,,,,,,I can barely stay up to watch the news.....ugh !!!!

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    We usually eat out around 6:30.

    I dont know know about anyone else but I just can't sleep on a full tummy. Chocolate desserts do me in, I'm awake all night.

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    I eat early. Sometimes I'll plan for an Early Bird special and save some money for shopping or an extra mango daiquiri. If not, I just like to beat the crowds. I'm usually leaving around the time of the 7pm dinner rush. Plus if I'm early I get extra attention from the waiter or even the manager will come out and chat.

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