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    eating in/dining out (breakaway from another thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    To add to this topic, for those that do go for 2 weeks or longer, have you changed your dining habits?
    As we have increased our time on the island we have changed our dining habits a bit. We used to eat out every meal, using the kitchen in the timeshare more as a bar than a kitchen After a couple of visits we started shopping at Lings for breakfast and lunch foods supplementing meals with leftovers. Lately we have been cooking and freezing food and taking it with us. This allows us a bigger budget for the times we do eat out.

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    We stay for at least two weeks or longer. Dining out does get very expensive. We usually grill one time each week, and also eat several meals at the resort bar (burgers, fish and chips, etc). We also go out for pizza once or twice. This helps to cut down on the cost. We almost always eat breakfast and lunch in our condo. I get tired of eating out and actually enjoy a few nights just staying at the resort and eating at the condo. On the other nights we hit all of our favorites, like Barefoot, Chalet Suisse, and Azzuro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    ...To add to this topic, for those that do go for 2 weeks or longer, have you changed your dining habits?
    We eat out less than before. We take turns making dinner with friends/family, or grill at the timeshare. We try to hit new places every year but whether it's our friends the first week or our daughter and SIL the second week, we have to hit their old favorites. So trying a lot of new places is difficult.

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    absolutely we have changed our aruba dining habits when there for more than a week.
    we eat in probably half the time.
    it gets old and somewhat tiring going out to dinner night after night.
    it also is costly.
    we try to alternate restaurant/eat in/restaurant/eat in.....

    and by eating in, we also consider take out, as eating in.
    the only take out that we do is king ribs or pizza.

    we pack a few frozen fully cooked dinners with us and bring to aruba.

    some of the easier ones if you are ever so inclined..... chili, chicken/rice/broccoli casserole, american chop suey/goulash with meatballs/sausage, stuffed peppers.

    also too we do the same for a few breakfast meals.
    pancakes freeze very well!!

    i HATE home or on vacation.
    however, i do not mind thawing and warming up!
    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    It definitely varies by your employer in the US. We are very lucky to both have about 4 weeks of vacation per year with separate time alloted for sick days. We use them for lots of long weekends in the summer. We typically take two 1 week long vacations a year. I wish both could always be in Aruba but, our budget for eating out, bars and casino's just doesn't allow for it.
    To add to this topic, for those that do go for 2 weeks or longer, have you changed your dining habits?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    To add to this topic, for those that do go for 2 weeks or longer, have you changed your dining habits?
    We tend to go for at least two weeks and because we've always stayed at private villas, we do eat in a lot: breakfast and lunch are inevitably at home on the barbecue.

    We plan reservations well in advance of the trip and tend to lean toward more "sure bets" for restaurant choices. It takes a lot for me to be forgiving of a restaurant's "off" night so we tend to cut restaurants loose very quickly because of the number of great establishments on the island. I've talked about that in other threads so won't re-hash it here.

    So, to answer Tracey's question a little more succinctly, we go out for dinner three to four times per week and we eat breakfast, lunch and the other dinners in the villa.

    I think dinners out will probably drop even more once we own a house though: I love to cook: vacation time + my own kitchen will make for some great meals.

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    We go with intentions of eating in or grilling a few meals but we have yet to actually do it. We have had breakfast in the room and snacks in the beach. For more than 10 days, I think we would have to.

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    Even though we stayed at the Renn.. I did take a 12 cup coffee maker (left it there) went to DD and got donuts or bagels for breakfast
    Stop at the corner store and got deli meats for lunch even PB&J sandwiches... got snacks of course too.
    Dinner we ate out.
    Tried a different place every night. Didn't have microwave, but a nice size wine type fridge that kept everything cold.

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    Having a full kitchen in our timeshare and having a full family there for 2 weeks we find is necessary to eat in as often as possible. Most breakfasts are in the room. The kids really enjoy the Sunday breakfast buffets so we usually hit those on the Sundays. Lunches are in the room if we are at the pool, or we'll pack a cooler for the beach or a venture down to Baby Beach. If we are driving around/exploring we'll stop for lunch at random places. I don't mind cooking and don't feel like it's "not vacation" because I have to cook. For me, it's more about being cautious of the wallet situation and being able to afford to let my kids have this amazing vacation!
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    This is our 2nd trip. This one with the boys, last one was honeymoon. Dh & I hit the nicer places our 1st time. On all our trips no matter where, I'm on vacation so do little cooking. We do breakfast in. For this trip I've found lesser priced options for the boys and more relaxed casual fun places for dinners. We tend to plan an active day followed by a down day so we will be busy and have lots to report on a family trip with teens!

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