We are planning to head to Aruba for an extended weekend, but just noticed that the weekend we can go is when the Carnival takes place.
We are wondering how that will affect our plans? Will it make it difficult to sightsee? Will places be closed that Sunday & Monday (Monday being a holiday)? Places like restaurants (esp El Gaucho - Mmm - a favorite from years past), tourist attractions on the order of butterfly farm or bird sanctuary? Will the crowds be bad (We'll be at Eagle Beach)?

It looks like it would be fun to attend the parade. But as 50somethings, we won't be able to stand for a long time to watch it. I read somewhere a suggestion to bring a chair - as vacationers I don't see us having chairs to bring.
Also, how would we get to it? I assume driving/parking will be impossible. Is it walkable? Are there shuttles of some kind to/from Eagle Beach that would allow us to come & go for only a part of the parade? And just How rowdy does it get?

Haven't been to Aruba for an extended stay in over 15 years, except a couple of brief stops on a cruise twice. Looking forward to being there again. But, like I asid, concerned that Carnival may change the nature of our stay.