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    El Gaucho Reservations

    has anyone tried making a reservation online for El Gaucho? Did you get an confirmtion back from them? I've been trying for 2 weeks now but never hear back. Can someone also tell me how to call the island from the US? is it just the area code 297-582-xxxx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by April in Aruba View Post
    I have sent 4 reservation requests to El Gaucho in the last 2 weeks for my wifes Birthday on April 18th. I have not yet received any confirmation of my request, although I did receive confirmations for all the other reservations I've booked..Any suggestions
    Quote Originally Posted by rob o View Post
    Riri Botta
    El Gaucho Restaurant
    Tel; 297-582-3677

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post
    Not sure exactly when you sent them but they won't take any reservations any farther than 2 months out. I would send another one since you're now within the 2 month window.

    From their website:
    Quote Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post
    Reservations should be submitted a maximum of 2 months in advance. We cannot confirm availability for dates farther than 2 months away from the date you sent in your reservation.

    Quote Originally Posted by April in Aruba View Post
    Thank you Rob and Amy for the suggestions to make my reservations at El Gaucho's. I emailed Riri at the link provided by Rob..I hope I get a response.

    I would also like a restaurant recommendation to celebrate my 30th Wedding Anniversary at a nice romatic restaurant on the beac while watching the sunset

    Quote Originally Posted by April in Aruba View Post
    I have now sent SIX reservation requests to El Gauchos for the beginning of April and have yet to receive a confirmation. This is becoming very frustrating. Can anyone recommend another restaurant that serves the same type of steak and would be courteous enough to appreciate my business?

    I have received confirmations from all of the other restaurants we want to eat at while in Aruba. I wrote personally to Riri at the e-mail address Rob O gave me and still no response
    Quote Originally Posted by April in Aruba View Post
    It seems that there was a mix up with their new system at El Gauchos that wouldn't accept my reservation prior to the 2 month window as Amy stated. I just received an e-mail from Riri who apologized for the misunderstanding and confirming my reservation for April 18th

    Their steak has to be the best I ever ate! The last time we were there, my wife couldn't even finish half of hers, so she gave it to the doorman at the Marriott. I will never forget the look on his face, he was so appreciative.

    Thanks everyone for your help


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