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    El gaucho tonite...

    Plans tonite are El Gaucho and Senor Frogs...adults want steaks kids want to go down the water you know, SF's is not my fav place...however, I have to be a good sport and go with the flow tonite...
    Tomorrow Moby Dicks, Wed is MJ's again, and Thurs who knows....days are flying by...till later, cindy
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    The Gaucho Steak - yum! Have fun!!
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    El Gaucho report...Good BUT disappointed

    We arrived for our dinner last nite...looked forward to a good steak...we were all happy with our meals. Rob had the mixed grill and it was way to much for him. I had the 8 oz steak with garlic mashed, broccolli and mushrooms. Good "beef"...told the waiter in advance that it was the kids birthday, Jen's and my younger niece, so he knew in advance...Guess what he forgot...It wasn't busy either.

    The table next to us had the singers come to their table with dessert, so our 2 girls more or less expected the same thing. When I gave the waiter the info in advance I would have thougth he would have wasn't busy, so I would have thought it wouldn'thave been a problem. Service charge was added, but when a waiter goes beyond that we are very good tippers...So, Mr. waiter at El Gaucho's, don't wonder why you didn't get more. We got our bills, payed, and on our way away from the table I told him what he had forgotten...Suddenly the singers appeared, took a cute picture, but WE were still DISAPPOINTED..
    For me its always something there... CINDYO
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    Awww that's too bad that he forgot. I'm sure the girls would've loved that! Wouldn't you think the singing at the other table would've triggered his memory?!

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    Oh such a shame! I just hate it when something like that happens. I am glad the food was good though. I see on your other report you only have 3 days left. Man does time fly in Aruba or what?? What is up with that!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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