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    Ellioti's Restaurant

    Ellioti's is located near the Costa Linda timeshare. Mrs. 44 and I had a hankering for Italian food and rolled in without a reservation. Luckily they had a table because this is not a very large restaurant.

    The hostess greeted us with a very friendly smile and guided us to a nice two-seater of our own. Our waitress was among the best I've had in Aruba, even rivals Mirna at Amazing (she's my gold standard). Anyway, we ordered, had some wine, and soon the salads arrived. The mixed was garden-fresh with a healthy assortment of contents all beautifully presented. Mrs. 44's caprese salad was also very good and handsome.

    Entrees were a grouper in puttanesca sauce for Mrs. 44 and she thought it was excellent down to the little ginger shaving garnish. Nice touch! I had the old reliable spaghetti with meat sauce, which was a grande portion, enough for lunch the next day.

    No room for dessert.

    Again, I can not say enough about the very good service here. There is no service charge (another reason to patronize this place) and I tipped liberally for good reason.

    As a side note, the fellow outside playing the keyboard did a great job, too.

    Photos can be seen at:

    Bon dia.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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    Thanks San Nic44,

    I am Italian and the only Italian restaurant I have been on the island is La Dolce Vita, thought that was great for Italian food on an island. Next time I will try Elliotis.
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    Love Aruba

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