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Thread: Favorite Meal

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    Favorite Meal

    I see a lot of people posting which restaurants they like but I want to take it one step further than that.

    What is your 1 or 2 favorite meals?

    I'll start with 2 I look forward to.

    Keshi Yena at Iguana Joes.

    Steak @ El Gaucho's (but only been there twice and ordered the special which was different both times and really delicious)

    What are your favorite meals? I'm looking forward to trying some new things but want to see what YOU look forward to.

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    my favorite meal is the grouper stuffed with salmon and safron sauce @ COOKS RESTAURANT

    another favorite is Madam Janette almond Crusted grouper

    both hubby and i can live w/out elgaucho :-(
    too many disappointing meals there.
    they are not what they were yrs ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    my favorite meal is the grouper stuffed with salmon and safron sauce @ COOKS RESTAURANT

    Interesting... Grouper stuffed with salmon.... what exactly is "safron" sauce? What would you say it is similiar to? Don't recall hearing that term before.

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    this is my favorite at COOKS
    the saffron sauce is quite mild and delicious.
    the salmon stuffing (filling) is delicious and is very moist.

    nothing about this grouper dish is similar to anything i have ever had b4.
    i have had it 2x

    Grouper Roulade….$27.50
    Poached Grouper roulade, with Scottish salmon filling, fresh herbs, mixed vegetables,
    mashed potato, sesame parmesan crust, and an aphrodisiac Saffron sauce

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I have to answer for my family, and just to name a few:

    at Passions
    Caribbean Crab Cocktail- yours truly

    Get Together: Grilled Grouper Fillet with Creamy Hot Shrimps- dh

    at the Radisson
    Caesar Salad - entire family

    at the Red Parrot at the Divi
    Coconut Shrimp- dd
    DUTCH onion soup- dd & yours truly

    at Marina Pirata
    Ceviche- dh
    Calamari anything- dd
    Anything fish- all of us

    at Windows on Aruba
    Scallops & mango: Home smoked scallops with sea weed salad, mango chutney & saffron mayonnaise- yours truly

    Tenderloin and port: US black Angus tenderloin, crispy potato waffle,
    mashed potato, spring vegetables & a port sauce- yours truly

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    Carte Blanche: no menu here but LOVE everything the chef made for us!

    Passions: crab salad, watermelon salad, Get Together (Grilled Grouper Fillet with Creamy Hot Shrimps)

    Madame Janette's: Whole Deboned Yellowtail Snapper (Crispy tempura YellowTail Snapper, coconut rice, Asian vegetables, pineapple salsa)

    Bingo: Love their salads. Favorites are the Goat Cheese Salad and the Salad of the Sea

    Amadeus: Austrian Goulash Soup

    And if Wahoo is "catch of the day" anywhere I don't even have to look at the rest of the menu. I just order the Wahoo grilled with lemon and I am one very happy camper!
    "The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." - - Marcus Aurelius

    33rd trip to Aruba - May 2016
    San Fran/Napa Valley - Sept. 2016
    Barcelona, Mallorca, and Andorra - Nov. 2016

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    palm beach, eagle beach, any happy hour
    I agree with Amy, the yellow tail snapper at MJ's is just perfect. I also love the Wahoo at Wacky Wahoos. The Ropa Vieja at Cuba's Cookin, along with a mojito, is a fun dinner too.

    Thanks to the many raves on this bb, I just made a reservation at Anna-Maria's for July when we are back. For all of those people who get frustrated with the slow responses to emails from the various island businesses, Chris at Anna-Maria's is wonderful to deal with and he answers emails very promptly.

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    1. Shrimp Diablo at Amazing in San Nicolas.

    2. Fresh Fish at Zeerovers in Savaneta

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    121 favorite

    #1. Yemani has an entree salad w/roasted veges. I usually top it w/grilled mahi mahi. It comes w/3 wonderful sauces/dressings on the side. Never disappointing.

    #2. Bingos has two wonderful salads...Goat Cheese Salad and a Mushroom Salad.

    #3. Barricuda at Wacky Wahoo's.

    #4. Grilled chicken sandwiches from The Kitchen.

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    1. Calamari appetizer @ Anna Maries
    2. Barracuda or Wahoo @ Wacky Wahoo's
    3. Get Together @ Passions
    4. Grouper special @ Marandi & chocolate trio dessert.

    Just made our 1st reservation @ Carte Blanche

    For lunch, anything from The Kitchen or Mama's Food Truck (near La Cabana or Amsterdam)
    Aruba where the toughest question each day is "where to dine tonight".

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