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Thread: Favorite meal or dish and where to find it?

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    Apr 2014

    Favorite meal or dish and where to find it?

    I know we constantly talk where to eat.. But Let's talk what to eat... I'll start Exp. Best Scallops or Escargot.. or dessert! Yum

    Gasparito's Lobster Thermidor

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    Aruba since 1979
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    May 2007
    Lumpia (filipino egg roll) Hung Paradise @ Seaport Marketplace

    Almond grouper @ Madame Janette

    Brat Sandwich @ Scott's Brats @ Playa Linda beach

    Wienerschnitzel @ Amadeus

    Burgers @ Barneys

    Pancakes and Chicken Sate' @ Lindas

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    Aruba since 1979
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    May 2007
    and my husband says……...

    Burgerloin @ Madame Janette
    Filet Mignon @ LG Smiths
    Poached Grouper @ Buccaneer
    Barracuda @ Buccaneer
    Egg Breakfast Sandwich @ Scott's brats

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    Feb 2011
    Paradise Beach Villas Eagle Beach
    Lobster Bisque - Chalet Suisse

    Pasta Carbonara - Anna Maria's

    Rack of Lamb - Pago Pago (now closed)

    Pizza - Casa Tua

    Tres Leches Cake - Cuba's Cookin

    Grilled NY Strip Steak - Sunset Grill

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    West Deck in the afternoon
    My absolute favorite dessert is Dutch apple pie and the best versions I've experienced have been at LG Smiths and Amadeus. Here's the rest of my favorites:
    Madame Janettes for surf and turf with a side of Dutch potatos
    LG Smiths for tenderloin steak
    Taste of Belgium for shrimps Pernod and the fried grouper. I like to dip the grouper sticks in the Pernod sauce
    Scots Brats for a brat sandwich and a Heineken right on the beach; and
    Amadeus for the Wiener schnitzel and spatzle

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    My back yard pool
    Here's my 2 cents worth:

    Scott's Brats for brats and breakfast burrito

    Barney's and 5 Burgers for cheeseburgers

    Pizza and More for pizza and lasagna

    Baby Back Grill for ribs and steak combo

    Lady Face for Sunday bar-b-q

    That should keep you going for awhile. . . Good food and reasonable prices too. . . .

    Tom and Stanley (the Aruba Guys)

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    May 2007
    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    Bone in Ribeye @ Sunset Grille

    Table side tossed Ceasar Salad @ Pago Pago (gonna miss it)

    Original Ribs @ Smokey Joe's

    Cheeseburger @ Bugaloo

    DW is stuck on Almond Grouper @ Mme J's

    Coconut Cream Cake @ Mme J's

    Rack of Lamb @ Chalet Suisse wonder I always check the menus on line months ahead of arrival!

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    May 2007
    Reniassance Island & Surf Club Lazy River
    Lamb at Madame Jeanette's
    petite steak LGSmith steakhouse
    chilean Sea Bass with mango salsa anywhere it's served

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    Costa Linda, Renaissance Ocean Suites, any place where there is a beach and tiki hut I am good 8)
    Filet Mignon at El Gaucho (or any other type of steak)
    Any kind of shrimp at Iguana Joe's
    Grouper at DriftWood
    Sushi at Blossoms

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    Feb 2011
    Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach Tierra Del Sol golf course
    Wow! This is definitely hard. I am going to mention only the food we cant get here. The items we long for when not on Aruba.

    Grilled grouper dinner at the Pelicans nest. Simple, yet mouth watering.

    Pork sate' with peanut sauce at The Paddock. Comes with salad and fries. Melt in the mouth tender. I have had chicken sate' but find it is usually dry.

    Grilled lobster tail at Matthews. Drawn butter, baked potato and caprese salad. Yum!

    Lindas faves, other than above, are the Almond grouper at MJs, the Chicken de la casa at Chalet Suisse and the Toblerone fondu desert at Chalet Suisse.

    No steaks mentioned, even though we get some good ones there, because we get some pretty good beef here in Oklahoma.

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