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    Flying fishbone seating

    Hello all. After reading all the great info on this website I decided to book two reservations prior to leaving home to ensure we get good seats.

    I have us booked into Passions for a Sunday eve at 6 PM, hoping to see the 6:30 sun set.

    I was going to also book a reservation for Flying Fishbone, but it asked me on the website if I want beach or Rooftop. Beach seems like the obvious choice, but I thought I'd check with all you smart folks first. You guys Rock! Thank you


    PS - we are there for 11 nights, and have a car, so I do plan to go to OMATS, Madame Janettes, and Sunset Grille, but am going to risk not having reservations. I don't want to be planning EVERY night before we go

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    Sorry cannot help you with the beach vs. roof top, but the roof top does sound intriguing. One of our favorite restaurants, and most romantic was a roof top restaurant in Oranjestad. Unfortunately it is no longer open.

    We used to love the Sunset Grille but for the expense, I would also look at the Screaming Eagle (same owners and same great food as Flying Fishbone) and Windows on Aruba

    Both restaurants rank extremely high at

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    Scott's Brats...and our patio
    for sure the beach!! and ask for down by the water...

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    The Beach!
    You will love Passions. It was awesome. The atmosphere was wonderful. If you made the the 6pm reservation then you will be there for the sunset. We went for the first reservation also. We did not have a great sunset, mother nature was not agreeing with us that night.

    I have some pictures of the food from our visit!

    Check them out.

    By your name is it your honeymoon, if so make sure that you tell them that. They seem to give you a nicer seat and such for special occasions!!
    Decided to take down my timer!

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