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Is there a specific table that everyone recommends for the FFB? i.e. How would I describe it in the comments section when I make the reservation

Also, on their website they say they cannot guarantee seating unless you are the 5PM reservation. Do you really need to be 5PM in order to get a seat in the water? (i'm assuming those are the most prized?)

And lastly, what's everyone's favorite dish there?
As a party of four, we've never actually had our toes in the water (tables in the water are for two people) but we've been very close, and the feeling of toes in the sand and listening to and watching the water while you eat a fabulous meal is so cool! On our last visit 2 weeks ago, we had a table that was on a slope in the sand. As you sit, your chair goes into the sand, so by dessert, we were at crazy angles and laughing hysterically! As for favorites, everything we've tried has been delicious!