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    So far, am leaning toward Passions. Menu is simple and there are good choices in both seafood and beef. Great reviews as well. Unless some other suggestions come along for a more romantic restaurant, not necessarily on the beach, but with romantic music and good quality food, we'll try Passions. Meantime..still open to suggestions for any good restaurants.
    Only 7 nights and SO many choices......

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnewhampshire View Post
    I'm thinking of reserving the private little island at the OMATS, anyone tried that yet?
    NO, but wished we had. Our party of 10, which we split up, wished we had done, they are thinking Thanksgiving...I think its 100.00, might be wrong though. Great photo ops.

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    I have used the private island 4 times and the policy has changed each time. The 1st time, all you needed to do was to spend 100.00 in liquor/wine and the island was free for the whole night. Then they had two reservations a night for the island and I believe the first one was 5 to 8 (sunset) 8 to 11. The last time I went we spent over 100.00 in wine and was told there was a 100.00 fee for the rental. I might be going next week and will speak with the owner for clarification. The island is nice during sunset and when they have live music.

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    hi. i reserved the island at TOMATS in october. i spoke to and made the reservations with Gracia Kwasie. She explained that the island is $100 to rent and each person has to order a three-course meal. ....FYI-i just called TOMATS (8/22/09) to check on my reservations for october. unfortunetly, Gracia no longer works there but the policy for the island is still the same.

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