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    Fusion is a new restaurant located in the recently remodeled/expanded outdoor mall area, adjacent to the Alhambra Casino. Mrs. 44 and I stopped in there last night to give it a try.

    There is a circular bar with a built in piano. You can sit right up against the piano if you like. Decent music to be heard. We sat on the other side for a chat and began with a couple of glasses of bubbly.

    The menu is a sort of tapas-style deal. Small plates, average prices, good variety. The wine list runs the gamut of red/white/champagne and such. You sure to find something you like to drink here, either wine or mixed booze. We tried the cured meats and cheese plates. Again, good variety and actually a large portion in the tapas-world. Each of these is more than enough to snack on for two people. Better for three, and if you are four, just add one extra item and fight over who gets what. There is also a cigar menu if you'd like to puff away, which sometimes I do. Cubans and such are listed there.

    I like the vibe here, especially live music. So, I'll be back to see how things are going. Photos of the place, food, and such can be found at the usual spot:

    This place is a great addition for people at Casa del Mar, Costa Linda, Bucuti, Manchebo and so forth. You can saunter down here for snacks, booze, and tunes. Kick back and enjoy.

    Bon dia.

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    Thanks SanNic44....I am getting more and more excited for our November trip to Divi This new mall looks like it has so many new places to eat, shop and be merry! This restaurant looks pretty cool and my husband loves piano bars so sounds like a winner!

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    Can't thank you enough for this post we loved it. We liked it so much we went twice last week.
    Great atmosphere, terrific music and very relaxing with a good champagne. They have bar seats around the piano, small intimate tall tables with seats, we chose the couch and club chairs.
    If your close to the location, go early on your stay, trust me you'll go back again.
    Thanks Dan.

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