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Thread: grouper vs other whitefish

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    Wow puffinfish, I tried to stay out of this conversation but you make it very difficult....
    1st...u ask for input then bash the answer
    2nd..I come from a family of restaurants chiefs/owners and if there was a concern about my food, I would question it do not want to ruin ur vacation but u keep coming back to slam those that either (in ur opinion) do not agree with u or u feel have no "background" in the restaurant business

    If u do not like Aruba then next vacation find an island that u do like and go there .....

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    Why don't we all move on......

    puffinfish, I'd love to see your trip report!
    I expect the rest of your trip was great!

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    so folks have had their say

    and with respect to all that posted INCLUDING the original poster Mr puffthefish, i am closing the thread.

    lots learned of just how different people react/behave in different circumstances.

    an unfortunate situation on what should have been a glorious 4th anniversary celebration.

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