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Thread: Happy Hours

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    Happy Hours

    I'm new to this forum and am in Aruba now. Last minute trip to use an RCI expiring week... staying alone at Aruba Beach Club (ABC). For those who are new too, it's in the lo-rise section at Manchebo Beach...not a lot here...mostly several other similar resorts with their own restaurants. Nice location...great beach without the tourist feel of the hi-rise area.

    I didn't get a car yet and am using the local bus line...takes a bit getting used to it but a good way to save money. The restaurant suggestions on here are very helpful but I am a frugal traveler so I look for bargains where I can. I don't want to eat a fancy meal every day...sometimes a beer and snacky food is just fine... especially since I'm alone this trip. I thought it would be nice to have a message forum on here about where to go for happy hours drinks and food...i.e., save a buck when you can.

    Any comments?

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    Divi Village has happy hour is 5-7 and they always bring snacks over...that is the beach bar on the 2nd floor right on the beach across from Divi...
    can't speak for all of them, but I know if you as the concierge they usually have lists of all the happy hours.....check there and see....

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    MooMba Beach has 2 happy hours each day : from 6pm till 7pm and from 10pm till 11 pm(Sundays only from 6pm till 7pm). Several cocktails and beers are halve prices!

    Fishes and More (located at the Arawak Gardens) has every day an early bird from 4pm till 6.30pm.

    Tango also has an early bird from 5pm-7pm. A delicous 3-course dinner.

    Chino Latino has every day different specials for special prices.

    Mambo Jambo has every night of the week specials.

    Enjoy your stay at Aruba.

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