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    Herencia Mall Dining

    Looking for recommendations for dining right at Herencia Mall. Not interested in "Burgers & Fries", but don't want to pay $42 for Filet Mignon either. Looking for some place nice, but moderate (say $22-$30 for entree). Need menu with chicken, beef and seafood.

    Restaurant has to be very close to, or at, Herencia. Recommendations?

    Any opinions/reviews of Scala? Moby Dick's?
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    I have the answer to your problem

    Casa Tua MEDITERAIN just opened up in the new mall. We went to the opening and it was amazing. Reasonably priced still had the regular pizza and caesar salad but the other food was great. Greek dishes, chicken, meat were fabulous.

    Didn't have my glasses so couldn't look at the menu but DH says prices are good. I will have a look next week because we want to go there and have dinner (the opening was an assortment of "nibblers"). This would be my strong recommendation. Nice place and I would ask to sit in the area outside of the main part. It gets a breeze and overlooks the courtyard in the mall.
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    Moby's is expensive. Scala is 'good'. Not thrilled with TGIF or the
    mexican place in the Passeo. Never tried Mr Jazz but the menu
    looks expensive.

    There is also a taste of Belgium, a sushi place and some other
    restaurants there.

    Prob. best bet is to take a walk earlier and 'browse the menus' and
    look what is being served.

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    I like the riptide side of the island and the natural coastline.
    As far as restaurant food, I like it simple! I do like the fish and chips at Moby Dick's! Can't recall if the price was excessive! I also like Casa Tua, which is down the street from the Mall itself. Also, House of Japan, which is in the little section between Buster's and Hard Rock has good chicken and rice - again, simple for me! (Actually, they also have sushi-type foods.) Not the gourmet but need to eat to survive!

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