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    Hot Take-Away Sunday BBQ

    Over the past year or so, I've been rotating through the Sunday BBQ joints in a quest for the best as well as a trial to see if Lipitor really does lower cholesterol. Well, this past Sunday, I tried the Hot Take-Away on the road to Paradera. (This place used to be on Schotlandstraat not far from Ling's big grocery store.)

    Okay, so I wheel in, go inside, and pay Afl. 14.50, call it an $8 bill. They give me a ticket, with which I trot outside and get in line. There a couple of nice ladies load up a styrofoam clamshell with fried rice (3 big scoops), potato salad (one big scoop) baked beans (one medium scoop) a piece of corn on the cob, AND some chicken chunks, AND about half a rack of ribs. Splash on some sauce and try to close that lid. Not easy.

    I roll back to the shack, crack it open, and graze for a while. Man, what a meal. I'd say flavor-wise it is on par with Young Fellow's BBQ, and slightly below the Great Rich, which remains the gold standard, if for no other reason the wacky dine-at-the-bar possibility.

    Nonetheless, if you need a fix of heavy food or just want to see of your cholesterol limiting pharmaceuticals are capable of taking on the beast, give Hot Take-Away a try.

    Some photos and stuff are here:

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    I hit a take-away joint between pos chiquito and savaneta on one of the trips that served up half a fried fish, a mountain of rice and a couple other sides for $5 or $6. The same thing at the other end of the osland would have cost $20 or more. I love the little take-away joints.

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    reading your posts make me miss King Ribs :-(

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