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Thread: Inattentive Staff

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    Customer service is so important today, or you will lose the customer. My wife's business puts a premium on customer service and they want that person or company to say WOW !!! and I have seen the letters stating that. When you're not happy, you go someplace else.....

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    Our favorite place on the island, is the great beach at the Boca Grandi. The water is the best, and its very quiet.

    Dan, We agree with you 100 per cent. We've been very lucky in Aruba through our many trips to the island. A few years back we did visit a resturant (which I will not mention) that the service was terrible. We do not demand perfect food or drinks. As long as the food is decent, thats fine. When we get bad service, we just put the name on our (one and done list).
    We also believe that no customer has a right to be abusive to an employee of a resturant or bar. It is very disturbing listening to an abusive customer while out for dinner or drinks.

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    As I am in the restaurant business, I totally appreciate the fine service I receive. There are many servers I met in Aruba on my trips that I would love to clone, so that I could have them at my establishment.
    On the other hand, I, too have been the victim of customer "abuse". Recently, I had an older "gentleman" bash me when I asked him his name for his order. He told me it was none of my D... business. I just sighed and thought to myself: That guy needs a trip to One Happy Island!

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