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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.

    Indonesian food. Where has it gone?

    Hi there everyone,

    We've been going to Aruba, on and off, since 1980, and one of our pleasures was enjoying rijstafel at one of the Indonesian restaurants, either Bali (a floating restaurant in the harbour) or Dwarang Java(the spelling is incorrect, but it's reasonably close. Means Java cottage).

    Those two places are long gone, but does anyone know if there are any Indonesian restaurants in Aruba, and if there are, where is the best rijstafel?

    I'd love to comments on this, and also from anyone who can remember the two restaurants I mentioned above.

    Have a good one eveybody.


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    I remember the Bali floating restaurant very well. I had the rijstafel there a number of times over the years. I never heard of the other place you mentioned.
    First visited Aruba in 1972

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    MooMba's has Indonesian night on Wednesdays Menu MoomBa's Beach Bar & Grill

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