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    We always make a point to visit Smokey Joe's every trip. We love their ribs and enjoy sitting outside people watching. This is generally our first night dinner as it is casual and quick after a long day of traveling.

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    you get alot of different reviews of salt and pepper, my husband and I went, we wanted to have something to eat, not starving , however was close to diner, we did NOT like at all, I had a sand.,husband had a burger, and we both did not like, JMO , would not make another trip there

    Aquaman, you scare me, that is disgusting,

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
    Hi Corona...were you there at Iguana Joes recently. My wife and I went...bad food, good service and the absolute filthiest washrooms ever. Mentioned this to the waiter who laughed and agreed. He said even the staff won't use them. I will not go into a graphic description, but 3rd world would not describe them.
    We go once a year, over Easter, so it's been almost a year ago. The bathrooms were older looking, but not dirty. I'll check the bathrooms out, before we're seated this trip.
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    playa linda, aruba beach club, wacky wahoos, driftwood,french steakhouse, any happy hour
    IG not worth the trip downtown. SG has 2 happy hrs(pretty sure 5-6 & 1o-11) try the sharkbites

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    Quote Originally Posted by corona View Post
    . We also like sitting on the balcony overlooking the downtown area. .
    Drinks only.....they made a damn good drink...also, nachos, hard to kill those. Sightseeing A+, service D, Food D, Bathrooms D, t shirts A+, location A+

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    Have also gone to both... IG Joe is good if your downtown and want a salad, appetizer and drink or something. I love Smokey Joes ribs.....I think they are terrific, oh and their Fried Oreo desert is to die for.......



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    Druif Beach, Downtown, our condo at Divi Golf and Beach resort, the pool there, Smokey Joes BBQ, Salt and Pepper, Mi Dushi Bagels, El Gaucho, Pizza Bob's...everything!
    We ate at Iguana Joe's, and I remember being really warm. No seats avail by the railing and so we were inside, no air that I can remember, no breeze reaching us, and in that atmosphere, no appetite anymore! I don't remember what I ate, so it wasn't memorable for sure. Location is nice.

    Smokey Joe's is in our top five places on the island b/c we LOVE their ribs! I contend (as does my wife) that they are the best we've had! Key Lime pie is unreal as well! Happy hour is pretty good, I do recall 5-6 pm as well. Lots of people watching as mentioned.

    My vote, if you choose one or the other would be for Smokey Joe's.


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    Thanks Kathy. I think we'll do Smokey Joes for our 1st night on Palm Beach. After reading all the reviews of the ribs, that sounds good for a casual night.

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