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    J.H. Yee's Asian Bistro

    J.H. Yee's Asian Bistro (also known as Johnny Yee's) and a new Indian restaurant (which doesn't have a sign or a carry out menu yet) have both opened, on the 2nd floor of the South Beach Centre (above Hard Rock).

    Originally, buzz was that Yee's was to be opened by the same team that brought you Blossoms at the Westin, but with lower prices.

    The menu is far more limited than Blossoms, and and is more reminiscent of a P.H. Chang's, hence the very similar name. As for prices, they appear well above the Chang's price, which is well above your corner Chinese food price.

    Some examples:

    Mu Shu Chicken or Pork (I know, not how I spell it either) is $20.95. That's pretty much a $11.95 item in scenic Revere, MA, where I hail from.

    Pork Fried Rice (fancied up by serving it in a hollowed out pineapple half) is $13.95. Shrimp Lo Mein is $18.95.

    The lowest priced entree is Pineapple chicken at $18.95, ranging up to Surf & Turf @ $38.95 and Twin Lobster Tails @ $44.95.

    Upon entering, they were essentially empty, and the entire staff was lined up like the Von Trapp children in the doorway, and peeped out a sunny "Hi!" in unison, in their Imperial Costumes. I was waiting for a selection from "The King & I". I'll be curious to see everyone's reviews.

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    wow....doesn't seem any cheaper than blossoms.

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    I know everything is imported but FRIED RICE$13.95 SHRIMP LO MEIN $18.95.Dont think this will be one of stops this year.Can you say PRICY...

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    imagine..........$19 for lo mein.
    they won't have my business.

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    Delicious food, amazing staff

    I had the pleasure of dining at J.H. Yee's during my vacation last October and found not only the food to be outstanding but the service to be prompt and professional.

    The ambiance is tasteful and beautifully done with many romantic spots for couples as well as a delightful outdoor terrace. Of our seven day stay we went twice it was so lovely.

    Our favorite dishes were the "Crispy Orange Beef" and "General Tso's Chicken" both of which were perfectly prepared with a delicate balance of sauces that did not overwhelm. Noodles and rice well executed and the spring rolls are crispy yet moist. Portion size is ample and we left with food to spare.

    I would highly recommend this Asian Bistro, for not only the attributes listed above, but for is great location in proximity to the high-rise shopping and nightlife. Perfect dinner to start your evening out.

    We'll be back again in March!

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