Japengo is one of several restaurants at the Hyatt Resort. This was the second time I've eaten there, this time in the company of Mrs. 44 as well as Mother and Father of 44. Photos of our meal are on my blog and they are worth a look. The food is presented rather artfully.

Anyway, Mrs. 44 started with the spicy tuna roll (the place has a full service sushi bar for those who like that kind of thing), Mother of 44 had a lemongrass chicken dish to begin, and I enjoyed the lobster/shrimp egg-roll type thing. All excellent.

Moving on, two Marco Polos were had and this is a great dish. It's a small lobster tail, shrimp and a small filet over pasta with a great sauce. Very, very good. Mrs. 44 went with the Japanese Sea Bass to good effect, and I stuck with Hunan Beef, which was quite tasty.

Service here is impeccable. The setting is very inviting and quite romantic if you're looking for that special evening out. The price is at the upper limit of my budget, but all things considered, I would say a fair value given the quality.

Bon dia.