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    LACABANA dine around pkg.

    Will be in Aruba on the 18th of Feb. Can anyone share any info on the dine around pkg. at Lacabana...have been to most rest. on previous stays but was wondering if this pkg. is worth the $$$ Also any idea what the cost of pkg. is? Thanks

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    Check the website the prices for the meal packages are on there. My husband & I didn't buy into it because I can't eat or drink that much. If you are a big drinker & eater, it may be worth it to you. Have a great time on your vacation. Arriving there myself tomorrow! Can't wait!

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    We stay at La Cabana as well and their dining package just seems too much for the week. With all the GREAT other places to eat it seems a shame to just eat there.

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    well i guess you have to do the math.
    the dine around (including dining at lacabana)
    is $110 per day per adult (7 night minimum)
    $56 for kids age under 18.

    if you plan on drinking 4 frozen drinks in the course of an afternoon = $24 plus tip = $30

    if you were planning on eating breakfast out = $10 + tip = $12
    lunch = $10 + tip = $12
    dinner including a cocktail or 2 and dessert = $50 + tip = $58

    total day $about $106 if you do your own thing.

    yup the all inclusive is convenient.
    the selection of off property restaurants (AGA) is not great nor overly extensive
    the restaurants on site at lacabana have never been considered "delicious"......maybe ok or mediocre would be a good description.

    if it were I, i would skip the all inclusive.
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