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    Large Family vacation suggestions

    Hello, anyone have any suggestions for dinners for a party of 17 - 10 adults and 7 kids? we're looking for a place that is large and accomadative of big groups.

    thus far, i've thought of texas de brasil and blossoms (hibachi). would maddame jannete's be a good choice? i need two more locations to choose from.

    any suggestions are welcomed.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    There in some info in the threads here:

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    We travel with 30+ every April and have had easy accomodations at the folowing restaurants: Sunset Grille, El Guacho, Casa Tua( downtown one), Chalet Suisse, Ruin del Mar, Passions....all upscale, good, and accomodating. We also use the "family #' as we call it for the waiter as we all ask for seperate checks. The waiter is accomodatied for this service. We say, family #1, then that family all orders, Family #2...and so on and so forth. It makes llife easier for us and the waiter as we all want to be together...

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    Arashi & Boca Catalina for snorkeling

    Great place and reasonable prices

    Buccaneer cannot be beat, We love children and children love our dining experience including the parents who are pleased with our establishment with 28 years of experience with a large menu, kids menu too, unbeatable prices and a dining experience you will never forget. You can make reservations at
    Have a great vacation in Aruba.
    Capturing the passion and love of your special day in paradise.

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