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    latest on old man and the sea

    What's the latest on Old Man and the Sea? We had a fantastic meal there last Jan, only to come home and read horrible reviews and even one about food poisoning! We loved the atmosphere and would love to go back, but only if things have improved.

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    We just returned from 2 wonderful weeks, and actually dined here 3 times! It was not intentional. The first night my camera battery died after 2 photos. We had the escargot in angelhair pasta and it was very good. For our entree, we shared the Concert for 2. The combination plate with fish, shrimp, scallops, chicken and beef skewer, and rack of lamb. Everything was cooked perfectly. It came out with 3 sauces this year-clarified butter, spicy papaya(very good), and balsamic glaze. Assorted veggies on the plate, and you get a choice of potaoes. It tasted better than last year! We had a new server Darryl, who was very personable.
    We returned the next night since we were going to be in the area with a fully chared battery in the camera. Darryl took great care of us. We repeated the escargot with angel hair again. Hubby had the fish (Brazil fish today) with spicy papaya, and I tried the red snapper thermidor with shrimp. Both entrees were very tasty. It was taking awhile to get our entrees, so they brought us a glass of the Prosecco we were drinking. I decided to ask if the private cabana was available for Friday, and I'm so glad it was. Our friends had arrived on the island and were nervous about coming here also.
    This was the night of the blackout so it was wonderful being on the water with alittle breeze. The poor chefs were in the dark and cooking by candelight. We were all amazed by what came out of the kitchen! Everything was cooked perfectly from appetizers to even crepe suzette for dessert. Friends had the escargot in pasta, I tried it in the portabello mushroom and hubby had the beef and mussels. The mussels were fried and very tender. Entrees consisted of rack of lamb, beef tenderloin, and we did the Concert for 2 again. It was an incredible dinner and we were all impressed. Andres was our server and was great also. Everyone on staff worked very hard to make all the customers happy.
    We were pleased that we decided to go back. I hope you will be too if you decide to go.

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    I'm glad to hear that OMATS is getting good reviews again.

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