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    Lost Fisherman Momument

    i knew that this monument was in the works and I am glad to read that it is complete and has been dedicated.

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    That's really cool!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Nice article and this monument looks very nice. I am so happy this has been done for all the missing fishermen of Aruba and their families to have something special done in their memory. We take it for granted but fishermen do risk their lives when mother nature is not behaving. I will be sure to make a visit during my visit in November.

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    What a lovely gesture to honor those fishermen who were lost at sea and to create this wonderful monument.

    A nice detail from the article:

    The marble monument took 9 months for the artists to complete, carefully sculpting the missing fishermanĺs names and placing them on the compass structure accurately at the closest point they were last known to be. - See more at:

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