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Thread: meal plan

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    There are several grocery stores just up from the hotel area. We found their prices to be OK. A little higher than home, but considering how far it has to travel, not too bad.

    On the subject of restuarant prices - there are high end restaurants that will run about $100.00 for two people without drinks, but there are also plenty of affordable options that don't come with all the frills, just good food.

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    Holding down meal costs

    Quote Originally Posted by ladyg2u View Post
    eating in aruba can become very expensive. I plan on being in aruba for 4 days my friends will remain for 1 week I hope someone can advise.

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    I would suggest the following, instead of a meal plan:
    1) Go for fancier lunches and lighter dinners, as lunch specials abound, even at very nice places.
    2) Find out what the night of the week for beach BBQ's and special dinners are at places like MooMba Beach, Hadicurari, Chino Latino (all woks $10 on Monday, I think), and Café Rembrandt.

    Some mid-priced restaurants are not only very satisfying for dinner, but also offer a chance to try Dutch cuisine. Places you might consider include Bingo, hosts of pizzerias, Linda's Pancakes (and yes, their Dutch crepe-style pancakes work fine all times of day), Peanuts, Sultan (big platters of middle east and Mediterranean food cheap) and PanPan at Perle D'or.

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    Lisa, thanks so much for your input on this program. I was ready to purchase these vouchers but think I will forgo given your input.

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