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Thread: Mickey D's Dessert Center at Paseo Herencia Mall

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    Mickey D's Dessert Center at Paseo Herencia Mall

    hmmm, i have never heard of a McDonalds dessert center?

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    Just what the island needs. Another snack stand from a non-island vendor. . . . Come on, you come all the way here to get away from the US and you then go to McDonald's. . . . Get a grip and try something local. . . . .

    Tom and Stanley (the Aruba Guys)

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    I agree, try the local food if you are an adult. But a younger child will be thrilled with a Mickey D's dessert after a long day at the pool, beach, etc. instead of a Coupe fraises at Taste of Belgium. Dad's wallet will probably appreciate it too. I've seen a ton of Arubans at the McD's in Palm Beach, maybe this will be something new for them that they enjoy. Oh yeah, everyone in Aruba didn't come there from the US.

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    Big Fat... McYuck!!!

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    It's a shame that we don't export the good stores and chains that we have. Hell, it's a shame that I can't get an In N Out burger without flying four hours.

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    What is the name of that Crepe stand in the mall near highrises..?

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    I agree about going to fast food chains when travelling although once in Peru i did have a hissy fit and demand we go to Subway as I was over Alpaca. What about the families that live on the island? it isn't all about the tourists. Our neighbours on the island love their Mickey D's! and KFC and Taco Bell...........also again on a more personal note there have been a few times when I have said "man would I like a Walmart/Zellers/Target on the island" when trying to find things.....sorry I know GASP

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