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    Moby Dick's Restaurant, photos

    Mrs. 44, friends, and I dined at Moby Dick's last night. Photos are on my blog. This place is relatively new, open maybe 3 months or so, and located at the Paseo Herencia Mall in the high-rise area.

    Took a table upstairs, inside. Still, sort of nice view out the window over the plaza. Started with the Pomodori Soup (tomato soup with some garlic kicker in it). Very tasty. Mrs. 44 moved on to the grouper which she reports was yummy. One friend had the prime rib, also good, and the other friend had the shrimp, much to her liking. I went with a NY strip well-done. Cooked to perfection and tasty as well. Dessert: chocolate ice-cream.

    Staff, excellent, friendly, on top of everything. NO SERVICE CHARGE, so the well-deserved tip was generous.

    I liked the place, especially for the staff.

    Bon dia.

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    Definitely on my list for my next visit in May.

    What really stands out and the first thing that you see even before you enter the restaurant is the carved glass of seascapes and the whale’s tale. They are truly a work of art...


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    The food looks very good. How are the prices?
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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxtico View Post
    Where are the pics?

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    We tried to go last week but lots of places were closed because there were many holidays in Feb.(We were there for 3 weeks) We made a fatal mistake of trying Cooks.It was terrible.On a 1-10 I'd say -1. Chalet suess 10 as usual we went back to Chef's table it was good 8+ Ruth Chris 10 but the old ones still stay the best. And NO we didn't take Bruno to Aruba.Hes starting to look at us today like okay when do you leave again.

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