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    Moby Dick's review

    Walked by Moby Dick's last nite, had the chowder sample they were handing out..they got us then...They are located at the Herencia Mall. We ate outside.
    Dinner was good, service good and glad we could add that to our list of restuarants visited.
    We hadn't eaten out as a family of 4 the entire trip so we let the girls decide where to eat. Not a lot for kids, but Rob and I were satisfied.
    Rob had the Sicilian grouper and I had the seafood casserole. We had the calamari salad/nachos that weren't great, but the rest of the meal was good.
    Walked the stores later. Cindyo
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    thanks for the critique on moby dicks....may try it in november....
    keep the updates coming you 2...makes us feel as though we are with you....yeah right !!!!

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