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    Moby Dicks vs. Scala ?

    Anyone have any comments on these restaruants? We want a nice dinner w/ reservations available and haven't heard much on these places....Feedback please...appreciate it...cindy xo

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    We ate at Moby Dicks last may and had a very rude waiter. He brought the wrong meal to my husband and had real attitude and tried to talk him into keeping it we refused then we had all finished our meals by the time he brought the correct one out. It was dissapointing but they were fairly new, we complained but nothing happend. Not sure if we will go back this May.

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    Not sure if you know this but a couple of months ago the owner of Moby Dick opened an outside Cafe attached to the side of the building facing Tony Roma's. What is interesting about this cafe is the prices are very fair for this part of the area and the food is cooked on an open fire pit. They offer mostly grilled steaks or chicken for about 10.00 and offer sides for additonal money. The sides and food is mostly cooked columbian style and all of the workers are from columbia. Also if you are ever hungry after 10pm this is one of only a few places that you can have a sit down meal until 1am

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    thanks for the info mark!

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    I like the riptide side of the island and the natural coastline.

    Moby Dick's outside cafe

    I guess the only Moby Dick's I was aware of was the one at the end of Paseo Herencia facing Tony Roma's! As I said earlier, since I like fish and chips, Moby D's served a good meal! We also ate outside at the "patio cafe" and it was considerably late in the evening. So! The bread is good, as well as the clam chowder. Again this is all simple fare for the lack of discriminating taste that I have! Mmmmm . . . . . bread . . . . .

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    We have eaten at Moby Dicks in Paseo Herencia a couple of times and have really liked it. When they first opened, it always looked empty and I didn't think it would last long. then they started offering samples outside and we tasted their chowder and decided to eat there. It is owned by an English man (the old guy who hangs around outside smioking cigarettes) so if you are not satisfied or have a rude waiter, I suggest you talk to the owner. I am sure he would be interested in yuor comments. I guess the fact the owner is an English man would account for the good fish and chips...maybe!

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