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    Need a local to fry some fish for me

    I'm coming down for 2 weeks on Aug 8th, I want to buy about 4 lbs of snapper fillets at the local fish market (hadicurari pier or Savaneta)...I 'd like to pay a local to fry them up for me the Aruba way..I have a fridge in my hotel room and like to make cold fish sandwiches for the time I'm there...I'll probably get the fish on the 10th...I usually do this on every Island I visit, best so far was Barbados with their flying fish Mmmmm

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    you may also want to ask around at your resort once you arrive.

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    When I fish on the island I found that most restaurants are happy to cook my catch for me. Perhaps you can work something out with one of them.

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    Sounds like something for Zeerovers.

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