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Thread: Need one more

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    Under my chickie at the aruba beach club along with my husband and my favorite drink
    JMHO...Matthew's, great food, great view, competitive pricing and what a view! And the servcie was great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arubabound2010 View Post
    We have reservations at MJ's and Passions need one more......
    Had another great dinner at Pincho's last night as this has become a must for us. Terrific food and a wonderful location on a pier.

    We also enjoyed Wacky Wahoo's the other night- great food but not great atmosphere, but the staff was a lot of fun and teh bartender kept making us Mojitos because he cliamed they were the best on the island. They really weren't, but who cared after the third one.

    We were not impressed by Amadeus on Tuesday. Food was fine but the staff was very indifferent even though only 4 tables were occupied. I'm not really sure how they will stay in business given the fact that few people seem to have heard about them, they don't advertise much, their website isn't up yet, and they certainly did not go out of their way to make us feel like they cared we were even in the restaurant. This restaurant seems so out of place on the island. The food is good but there are a lot more fun places to go.

    Had Breakfast at Linda's apple pancakes are unbelieveable. We definitely need to go back there before flying home on Monday.

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    I have heard such great things about El Gaucho I think this is it. Thank you. Im off to make a reservation

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    enjoy everything......meals, sun, beach etc.

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    Ah, I forgot to mention El Gauchos. That was one of our favorites on our trip. You'll have a great time there. One of the best steaks I've ever had.

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