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Thread: New places

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    New places

    I had sometime last night to walk around the area close to South Beach Center and saw some new things. The Village Plaza seemed to have the most updates and next to Senor Frogs and in the old BBQ chicken/rib place is a new lunch/dinner place called SOENCHI serving Aruban Fare and a Yogurt breakfast place along side. Also opening soon and they just put up a new sign is Carleone Pizza. The last place I saw and went inside and thought was interesting and a good idea with the rain and then strong sun was a new hat store called the MAD HATTER. I met the owners who are also from the Boston area and the Walisever family. They had a large display of good quality hats but I was more interested in the display advertisment of flip-flops. They stated they have not reached customs yet but said they are coming soon. This past week the area has been kind of slow but alot of new things to check out in the Palm Beach area.

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    thanks MARK!!

    one can never have too many pairs of flip flops.

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    Arashi Beach, Hyatt, Radisson, Shopping, Flea Market, Downtown, Palm Beach, Everything
    touche, andrea. LOL

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    Bas, the owner of Upstairs Bar in the Village is opening Corleone Pizza. Eventually he will have more than pizza and he is planning to have a late night menu.

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    [QUOTE=Andrea J.;188905]thanks MARK!!

    one can never have too many pairs of flip flops.[/QUOTE

    So true! Saw some "Switch Flops" in a store at HI -- they have different colored straps that velcro on to match your outfit -- great idea! Thought I'd get some when I got home and save money -- guess what? they're the same price here! Now I'm ready for the next trip!!! lol

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    Thanks Mark - Rosie Walisever here!!! We're so excited about MAD HATTER - eagerly awaiting more inventory to clear customs!!!! LOL!!! We do have over 125 styles of hats - from fedoras to gamblers to newsboys, etc......brand names such as Stetson, Bailey's and a wonderful line of high quality straws from Ecuador! About 750 hats in stock already!!!

    The Village is almost fully occupied.....with another great venue from the East Coast opening (hopefully) in February....stay tuned for more announcements! Great neighbors there - tried Soenchi last evening - a delicious Aruban restaurant.

    We visit Buster's often....!! Aaron is from NY - I'm from Boston.....makes for some lively conversations --- LOL!!!

    Stop by soon! Mark - thanks SO much!!

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    Wow looking forward to the new store Mad Hatter. My husband has been talking about getting a proper straw style hat to use in Aruba so I am sure we will be dropping by for a visit shortly in to our winter stay.

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    Hey Rosie - It's Eric (Eric and Karen)- glad to see you here on the forum!

    You guys opened a store? How exciting! We will have to check it out when we are down next!!!
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
    Aruba New Years 2017-18 12/28/17 - 1/3/18 (18th Trip)

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