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    new restaurant a must

    just back from our 5th visit, and went to dinner at the Old Man and the Sea. what a GREAT dining experience. The food delicious and the service great. What a beautiful, romantic place. Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd wedding ann. and I'm already counting the days till next year! Also a must, go to Matthews on a tuesday for rib night, all you can eat for $19.99, delicious ribs, coleslaw, and f fries, you can't beat it .

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    csdw....Glad you liked it. We are headed down in less than a month and are dying to try it also...
    Never been to the rib place either...may have to try it also !!!!

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    Would love directions to Old man and the sea, do they have a website



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    Quote Originally Posted by sunworshipperII View Post
    Would love directions to Old man and the sea, do they have a website
    Website - The Old Man and The Sea

    Follow directions for Flying Fishbone. Old Man and the Sea is a couple of buildings past FF. Directions to Flying Fishbone.

    Pictures of Old Man and the Sea
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