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Thread: new years 08/09

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    new years 08/09

    we are going to be down for our !5th trip to aruba...our 1st new years eve.

    any advice on whether we should dine out and come back to celebrate in the 2 bedroom suite...or stay out for dinner and afterwards...we would appreciate!

    we are 4 adults, 2 parents, 2 grandparents (party people) and 4 kids, ages 12, 12, 10 and 6...

    planning on bringing hats and noisemakers, tons of junk food, just opinions on dinner versus staying in would be helpful!

    thanks, tracey

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    We have been the last 3 years at New Years. We did dinner 1 year at Tulips and this year at Bucaneer.

    The fire works do not start until midnight and last maybe 30 minutes. We watched from the island side of the hotels the first 2 years and it was great. Last New Year, we decided to watch from the docks by Moomba's. The view was not as good in my opinion.
    Tom & Karen

    Next Trip: Jan. 6 - April 7

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