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    New Years Eve Dinner

    Where is the place to make reservations for NYE. Enjoy all types of food. I just want a nice place, good food, and prerer outside but not a requirement.

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    I would make your reservations ASAP

    You did not speicify whether you were looking for dinner and festivites through midnight or just dinner. Many hotels will offer a package type celebration.

    For dinner only, generally the romantic restaurants are located outdoors

    Favorites of forum members include
    Marandi or Barefoot Restaurant

    There are many restaurants which serve indoors and outdoors. You may want to look at some of the menus and narrow down your choice that way. Also in that it is New Years Eve, some restaurants may have a special ala carte menu rather than their normal day to day offerings so you may want inquire about that in advance.

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    When I looked into making reservations about a month ago for NYE dinner, Passions was almost fully booked. So I would almost assume it's sold out by now.

    We booked our NYE dinner with Mango's at Amsterdam Manor's pool deck.
    They have a special NYE dinner with music, dance show, fireworks, etc. Menu at the following link:

    I would definitely book something soon if you're looking for a special dinner with "extras".
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    New Years Eve Dinner

    Try the Radisson, we had NYE's dinner on the beach there, it was surf and turf and it was a excellent meal.

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    Here are menus for Christmas and New Years Eve. 2010 Holiday Menus

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