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Thread: News Years Eve

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    News Years Eve

    I'll be in Aruba for New Years Eve......where should I go for diner and the fireworks downtown ???? Should I make reservations now ?? or should I stay at the Radisson....thanx..


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    make your dinner reservations NOW

    typically the BIG fireworks show is either dec 29 or 30, it is in LINGS parking lot and can be seen from all surrounding is a magnificent show.
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    I I will also be there for New Years. I go every year. The best fireworks by far are the ones at Ling and Sons on the 30th. Downtown on the 31st there are some cool fireworks there set off around noon. As for the night, usually no matter where you are on the island you can see fireworks in whatever distance you look. This year the big party will most likely be in the hotel district. It was at the Village and Confessions last year. Good time if you enjoy the party scene!

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