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Thread: Night 4 KING RIBS :-)

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    Night 4 KING RIBS :-)


    We did a KING RIBS take out.
    King Ribs is down the street turn right at roundabout at Wendys.
    Follow the road for about a mile, past Xavier University....
    KING RIBS on the left.

    Open Sat and Sun from 11 a - 6 p

    Prices in Florins

    We ordered
    2 (1 lb each) burgers ....monstrous w/ lettuce, tomato and onion
    2 King Ribs mix dinners ....ribs, chicken, steak
    1 chicken dinner

    2 side orders mashed potatoes

    This fed 6 .
    It was gluttonous and very delicious.

    We met the owner and his very helpful brother and some of the staff.
    These folks are not only truly dedicated, they are also having fun while cooking and prepping.

    While waiting for our food, we watched 5 or 6 folks come by and pick up phone in orders. Now THAT'S the way to do it.

    Try King Ribs.
    Sat and Sun 11 - 6.

    the owner is a member of this forum........ kingribsaruba

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    That's a meal to behold!

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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    Scott's Brats...and our patio
    1 lb. burgers?? Really? Did you take a picture of them?

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    re: the 1 lb burgers

    nope no photo :-(
    our friends sherry and murray had ordered the burgers and by the time i had thought about photographing everything, we had already put in a good dent into dinner!

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    I can see you having a great time in Aruba.

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    the burgers were excellent as were my favorite mashed potatoes on the island. hopefully, since they are only open on the weekends, we will have another chance to eat there. i still remember the taste of their chicken and really want to get that this time.

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