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    Old Conuccu House/ Frank Sinatra show

    Someone private messaged me about this show at the Old Conucu House.
    Does anyone know anything about it?
    I read a few reviews on Tripadvisor and directed the forum member to that site.

    Apparently the show is on Thursday evenings.

    What is the cost?

    I went to this site and typed in some dates and it says $15 pp. That $15 certainly does not include dinner.

    Anyone? review?

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    We were the for dinner while the show was being done in a seperate room. If one likes Frank Sinatra quite a bit I am sure it is entertaining. It was a small room in the back. The house is an old home with many different rooms. It seems to provide meals to many locals. No the $15pp does not include dinner only the show. There were some people who entered who were there to see only the show. I did see the young "Frank" leave and he is just a solo guy doing an impersonation. A single act.

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