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    Old Man and the Sea?

    Haven't logged in for a while, getting amped for our August trip now. I checked out and noticed no reviews for OMATS for quite a while, did they close?
    I remember them being terriffic last time we went there in 2010, but heard mixed reviews last year which is why we didn't go, but our 10 yr anniversary is this year and I was thinking of getting the private island rented.
    Any ideas on what's going on there?

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    Sorry, we haven't had much discussion on it here...I don't know whats up with the place. Maybe someone can clue us in....

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    The pool @ Gold Coast Aruba, Holiday Inn Casino, Arashi Beach, Sunset @ California Lighthouse, Baby Beach, Our friends hotels/timeshares when they are on the Island at the same time as us
    TripAdvisor has recent (May 2, 2012) reviews up, so I'd assume they are still operating. To throw in my thoughts on the place... over priced for so-so food and a very nice atmosphere. We spent our 5th anniversary (i think) dinner there. We decided we would never return.

    We have never tried The Flying Fishbone down the block and have no urge to.
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
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    here are some tagged thread for OMATS
    click above link

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