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    The Old Man & The Sea-cancellation

    good evening everyone,

    i have reservations @ TOMATS on october 3, 2009 @ 5pm-8pm (this reservation is for the gazebo table on the little island)

    i may have to cancel my reservations, so if anyone would like to the reservation please contact me asap. otherwise i will cancel all together if it should come to that. at this point, i will be able to make my reservations but that could change anytime before i get to aruba.

    please be advised that the table has restrictions:

    - $100 to reserve table
    - each person has to order a 3 course meal (salad/entree/dessert)

    thanks everyone!

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    My wife and I had dinner there last Thursday the 3rd out on the island at sunset and it's worth it.
    They even have plexiglass on the side the wind is coming from so you're not getting blown around all over the place, verrrrrry romantic.

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